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    Spring 2016

    Where Am I?

    Monday: not on camups

    Tuesday: Office Hours Maaske 329 2-4 PM

    Wednesday: not on campus

    Thursday: Office Hours Maaske 329 2-4 PM

    Friday: not on campus

    All Office Hours also ONLINE.

    In order to take advantage of online office hours, follow these instructions:

    use Gtalk

    Sign in to your Gmail/Wou email account. 

    Look for the list of names in the lower left corner under the list of your mailboxes. 
    You can chat with anyone who has a colored ball icon next to his or her name. When someone is online, a green, yellow, or red colored ball will appear. Here's how to chat with someone who's available:

    From Chat in Gmail, Google+, iGoogle and Online friends in orkut:

    1. Find the name of the person you'd like to chat with. Mine name is “Maren Anderson” 
    2. Click the my name to open a chat window.
    3. Enter your message in the text field, and press Enter.
    4. Wait for your contact to respond!

    If I don't respond immediately, try again in a couple minutes...I may be away from my desk to fetch a drink or something.