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    Spring 2013

    Where Am I?

    Monday: not on camups

    Tuesday: Office Hours Maaske 315 2-4 PM

    Wednesday: not on campus

    Thursday: Office Hours Maaske 315 2-4 PM

    Friday: not on campus

    All Office Hours also ONLINE.

    In order to take advantage of online office hours, follow these instructions:

    1. log in to this course.
    2. on the far right column find the gray box marked "OL Office Hours" 
    3. at the bottom of the box, change your name to your own name 
    4. type your question in the lower box and hit "enter."
    5. your question will appear in the upper, bigger box.
    6. my response will appear in that box, also!

    Or use Gtalk

    Sign in to your Gmail/Wou email account. 

    Look for the list of names in the lower left corner under the list of your mailboxes. 
    You can chat with anyone who has a colored ball icon next to his or her name. When someone is online, a green, yellow, or red colored ball will appear. Here's how to chat with someone who's available:

    From Chat in Gmail, Google+, iGoogle and Online friends in orkut:

    1. Find the name of the person you'd like to chat with. Mine name is “Maren Anderson” 
    2. Click the my name to open a chat window.
    3. Enter your message in the text field, and press Enter.
    4. Wait for your contact to respond!

    If I don't respond immediately, try again in a couple minutes...I may be away from my desk to fetch a drink or something.