TadpoleThe Legless Tadpole Tadpole
Diagram of the Tadpole

Tadpole Facts

-Shortly after hatching, the tadpole will still feed on the remaining yolk of its egg, which is actually in its gut!

-The tadpole at this point consists of poorly developed gills, a mouth, and a tail.

-Tadpoles are really fragile.

-Tadpoles usually will stick themselves to floating weeds or grasses in the water using little sticky organs between its' mouth and belly area.

-Then, 7 to 10 days after the tadpole has hatched, it will begin to swim around and feed on algae.

- As these tadpoles grow they will sprout legs and absorb their tail, and their diet will change gradually from a vegetarian one to a carnivorous one.

What does the legless tadpole eat?

-Tadpoles eat a wide variety of things. It ranges from species to species.

-In the wild most tadpoles will eat micro plants and algae. Some species are omnivores and eat organic debris from decomposed plants or animals.

Group of tadpoles The Live Tadpole
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