Caption Studies Conference 2017

This page is for information about the face-to-face Caption Studies Conference taking place in Monmouth, Oregon, at Western Oregon University.

All information here is tentative and can easily change over the coming months. It will likely adjust, too, after the online conference in August 2016.

Conference’s Purpose

Rather than lament the flood of bad captions or the dearth of quality captions, we want to promote what is health, interesting, strong, and engaging in the captioning community. We will continue the focus we started with in our online conference.

  • establish/initially celebrate Caption Studies as an area of research, advocacy, and practice;
  • provide a space for practitioners, researchers, and advocates to present and share their work where captioning is the primary, instead of being a secondary, focus;
  • connect, network, energize, and build momentum for all of us to promote captioning in our diverse fields;
  • understand, explore, discuss, and advocate for more effective legislation.


Envisioned Constituencies & Participants

  • Caption users
    • Students/learners
      • Language (first and second)
      • Literacy
    • Situationally D/deaf/Hard of Hearing (i.e. viewing TV in a noisy pub or working out in a gym)
    • D/deaf, Hard of Hearing, and Hearing
  • Caption creators
    • Amateur, academic, professional
    • Universal designers
  • Caption researchers
    • Academic, industry, independent
  • Caption advocates
  • Accessibility and Universal Design practitioners and researchers
  • Anyone curious about captions


Conference Paths

  1. Academic/research
  2. Practitioners
  3. Advocacy
  4. Education


Possible Topics for Presentations

  • Captions and copyright
  • Captioning and disability studies
  • Experimental captioning
  • Captioning as creative or interpretive act
  • Kinetic text in captioning
  • Rhetorical analysis of captioning
  • Meaning construction in captioning
  • Effective captioning advocacy
  • Panel on/by CART captioners on practice & profession
  • Teaching with captions
  • Captioning guidelines
  • Educating and training new captioners on campus
  • DIY Captioning Technology/apps–panel
  • YouTube’s captioning history
  • Captioning hacks
  • Voice writing
  • Building a captions database
  • Caption research tools
  • Enculturating new captioners
  • The joy of indie captions
  • Captioning irony
  • Captioning and second language learning
  • User testing with captions
  • please send other possible ideas!


Presentation formats

Under discussion.


Other possible related events for future consideration

  • Mini-caption film festival
  • Extreme caption examples
  • Captioning workshops
  • CART, TypeWell, and C-Print demonstrations
  • Captioning literacy sharing, recording