Computer, Printer and Software Replacement Cycle

Computer and Printer Replacement by Funding Source

  • General Fund Departments

    • Most of the 2010 computers have been replaced.  Computers purchased in 2011 are currently being replaced.
    • Replacement of 2012 computers will begin in Fall 2016
    • 2012 computers that are out of warranty and are currently failing will be replaced now.
    • Printers:
      • IT makes recommendations based on the age and utilization of the printer.  Typical life-cycle for a laser printer is 5 – 7 years.
      • Replacement is dependent on departmental budget.
  • IFC Funded Departments

    • Computers purchased in 2007 and 2008 are currently being replaced.
    • Some 2009 computers will be replaced before July 1, 2016
  • Student Technology Funded Labs

    • Computers are replaced every 3  to 4 years.
    • Higher level computers, such as those in the MIDI lab, tend to have a longer life.
    • The maintenance contract with the printer vendor provides us with new replacement printers when the current printer is at end of life.

Software Updates

  • Google Apps for Education
    • Licenses for all WOU users
    • Updates by Google on a periodic basis, several times per year
  • Microsoft Office
    • Microsoft Desktop for Education, campus license
      • Latest supported version is loaded before new equipment is delivered to customer
      • Latest supported version is loaded on older equipment, based on user request
      • Lab computers are updated each summer
  • Adobe Creative Cloud package, including Acrobat Pro
    • Licensed to all student lab stations + 134 faculty / staff FTE
      • License covers all student labs, both PCs and Macs
      • Faculty and staff that require this package are included
    • Campus license
      • Students labs are updated annually
  • SPSS
    • Campus license for academic use
      • Labs, faculty and staff are updated on an annual basis
  • Many other software packages
    • It is typical for software packages to be updated each summer

Desktop Support

A new web site has been created, dedicated to providing information regarding Desktop Support Services.  Lori, Megan and John will each provide frequent updates to the Desktop Support site.

I would like to introduce you to John Rushing.  He is the latest addition to our desktop support team.  Most recently he was a Analyst Programmer / Support Technician for Dining Services and Resident Halls.  Previously John provided staff and student support services for Dining and the Resident Halls, including the Landers student lab.  Previous to coming to WOU in 2005, John was a Programming Engineer at, providing virus programming support.  John started his first position at WOU in 1997.  He provided hardware support for the computer labs, managing student workers and ordering of supplies and inventory.  John was in this position through 1999.  John brings a vast level of knowledge to this position.  John will be combining both his Desktop Support experience and programming experience to automate many of the current manual processes.

Megan provides both printer and desktop support.  As noted in a previous entry, she is a certified Xerox printer technician.  Megan will continue to provide services in all areas of desktop and network support services.  Megan is managing the Service Request and Computer Lab student employees.

Lori continues to provide Desktop Services, Network Access Control(NAC) services and Windows Server administration.  Lori also manages the Desktop Support student employees.  Lori is responsible for re-imaging all the labs over the summer, preparing them for fall term classes.  Lori is Dell hardware certified.

Each technician will have primary responsibility for specific buildings.  After analyzing Desktop support data, each technician will be assigned a specific area of campus.  The assignment process will be completed in August.

Each technician will be responsible for the following tasks and more…

  • imaging new computers for faculty, staff and student computer labs
  • re-imaging student computer labs
  • configuring and monitoring Windows update server
  • configuring and monitoring Sophos anti-virus server
  • researching and deploying OSX and iOS deployment server
  • updating Windows applications
  • research and deploy new technology
  • maintaining Network Access Control (NAC appliance)
  • support MathTest, CompTest, IME, SOAR, MelBrown, etc.
  • provide useful information on the Desktop Support blog site
  • provide web-site with recent top 10 service requests, with solutions
  • face-to-face communication with faculty/staff on a daily basis
  • follow-up with faculty/staff after tasks have been resolved
  • provide training for lab attendants
  • backup Nathan when he is not available for classroom support tasks
  • support all aspects of computer replacement deployments, including imaging, bios changes, software installs, old data migration, installation, etc.
  • support printer deployments, maintenance and repair
  • maintain inventory
  • support PDR process, including DoD wipe, storage and disposal
  • interview and hire student employees, including Desktop Support, Service Request Desk and Student Computer Labs
  • maintain Active Directory (AD), including changes, moves and adds
  • maintain folder permissions in LDAP
  • research, recommend and implement streamlining and optimization of services processes

A summary of what is new:

  1. Move John into Desktop Support services, increasing support by one FTE. (equipment systems specialist)
  2. Distributed primary responsibility of new computer deployments to all three technicians
  3. All three technicians will be able to perform the full complement of duties required of an Equipment Systems Specialist
  4. Each technician will provide primary support for a specific area of campus
  5. Provide users with additional information through Desktop Support web site


Megan Eichler is a Xerox certified printer technician.  Don’t hesitate to call Megan regarding any of your printer needs.  She maintains HP printers also. 🙂  You can often find her at her desk with a printer completely pulled apart, replacing a failed part in the core of the printer.  With the Xerox certification, Megan has back-line support with the Xerox technicians and the parts department.

Xerox printers that utilize PagePak support, come with an endless supply of ink and consumer replaceable parts.  The PagePak contract includes a $0.0108 per page charge for mono and $0.0355 per page charge for color + a base charge of $13/month.


Megan repairing Xerox printer