WordPress update

What is WordPress?

  • Website content management system (CMS)
  • Open source website creation tool
  • Written in PHP
  • A tool that can be used to maintain your website using a web-browser on your desktop or handheld device


Who uses WordPress?


How did WOU select WordPress?

  • Recruitment expressed interest in a revamping of the WOU website, with a redesign that focused on new students
  • Graduate Programs hired Stamats to design a website that was in alignment with their mission
    • Included in the design specifications, was a recommendation to utilize WordPress to implement the new design
      • Included in the specifications:
        • Search engine optimization
        • Mobile friendly site
        • X-platform video integration
  • HighEdWeb conference was attended by Public Relations, Graduate Programs and University Computing Services
    • Other universities shared their success with an online CMS (WordPress)
    • Several universities highly recommended utilizing WordPress
    • There were several presentations where universities demonstrated many features that WordPress incorporates


Why WordPress?

  • Vast amounts of resources are available for the management and maintenance of WordPress
  • Easy to use plug-ins, which allow for unlimited possibilities, are available
  • Mobile friendly
    • Google pushes mobile friendly sites up to the top of search results
  • Better integration for blog and social media feeds
  • Cohesive look throughout the whole website which will give end users a better experience navigating the website as well as a more professional feel
  • Relevant and up to date content (old outdated pages/sites will be deleted and no longer searchable through Google)


How do I get WordPress support?

  • Contact Danielle Gauntz at 503-838-8215 or gauntz@wou.edu
  • Support provided thru:
    • Training sessions
    • One on one sessions
    • Danielle or one of her staff will convert your site for you