Week 6- Excursions

This week went by really fast. We had 2 big excursions and a small excursion to the Museum of Segovia. One of the things I enjoy about classes here is that our professors are all really helpful and try their best to help us fully understand what is being taught. Also, I only have class till 1pm which is nice and then at 2pm I have lunch.

I forgot to mention in my last post that I started teaching English at the non profit organizations Caritas and that has been going great. The feeling I get after teaching class is great. There are 3 of us girls from the program that teach the class. There are about 15 students each class and they’re all adults. I’ve really grown to get to know the people in class but I’m still working on learning names, I just recognize faces. Teaching the class is really helping me become more of a leader, I’m slowly enjoying being in the front of the class and teaching.

The museum of Segovia was really neat to visit. I especially enjoy going with my professors because they always explain everything really well. There is so much history in Spain and Segovia it’s unbelievable. Our next excursion was to La Montana. Here we were able to learn about the Spanish war and we saw where one war took place, we saw trenches and it was really cool to see with our own eyes where people fought and lived. The history part was really cool but the walk up was not easy.  I can only imagine how soldiers were able to walk up with all their gear and everything. The walk down was way easier. To top off this excursion the view at the top was amazing! To see Segovia and the surroundings from the top of a mountain was so neat.

Exploring the battle site

Exploring the battle site



Really cool picture! follow the leader :)

Really cool picture! follow the leader :)

Edu! my culture and civ professor. He's Awesome!

Edu! my culture and civ professor. He’s Awesome!

My host mom continues to make delicious food for me, this week we had Paella again except this time it was made of Chicken and it was really good. Since I was home this weekend my host mom really wanted to spoil me and she made Tarta de Queso (Cheesecake) it was really good. I told her I need the recipe so I can make it back home. Any weekend that I am here I go to Sunday mass with my host mom and that is nice because I go out with her and she enjoys that.

Our excursion to Toledo was awesome as well. I know I’m expressing myself a bit much but everything I’m experiencing here is so wonderful and I’ve fallen in love with Spain! Toledo was a really cool city to visit, it was once the capital of Spain but it is now Madrid. Toledo is seriously built on a mountain and is surrounded by the Tagus river all around. We visited the Greco museum and that was neat too. To travel around Spain and Europe in general is really cool because their is so much history in this country!

The view of the city!

The view of the city!

AHA Group

AHA Group in Toledo

The group from Oregon! they're all from U of O

The group from Oregon! they’re all from U of O

After our excursions I went out with the group and hung out with them. One night we went to dinner to La Juderia (a Jewish quarter where Jewish people lived) and we had Indian food at a nice restaurant. For it being my first time having Indian food it was really good. After dinner we went out to the bars and had a couple of drinks. It’s going to be different when I go back home because I’m of age to drink here in Spain but when I get home I’ll still have another year before I can drink. It’ll be different to not be able to tell my friends to just go to a bar and hang out since we wont be able to. I’m still not much of a stay out till 3-4am on the weekends even though. That is the common thing around here. It’s so interesting to see so many people out in the streets so late at night and to see little kids out with their families as well so late. They do have dinner at 10pm here so that is another reason they’re out so late but still. I still can’t stay up so late.

People out at night!

People out at night!

The life here in Spain is so much more relaxed and laid back. I’m really enjoying my time here it’s so different than the states. I feel less stressed and life is more tranquil unlike in the states everyone works and then goes home it’s like a non stop routine and here it’s so much less stressful. Midterms are coming up net week and then fall break! Time is flying. I’m halfway through my program.

Week 6

Well, well, well! The time has come where it is the last and final week. I can safely say that I am ready to go home, although dreading my 14 hour travel plans back home. I know it will all be worth it in the end. Well lets start off on Monday we were all dreading our final essays, presentations, and test which I had the pleasure of having all three. The only thing that kept me moving forward has been the fact that I will be back home by saturday night. My Señora has also been meaning to make some tamales with me since she didn’t know how to make them and I told her that I knew from my mom. So she asked me to write her a list of the things she needed to get and she would get them for me. Well monday she went and got all the things I needed and we made them on tuesday.
She also invited her sister and her brother in law and their 3 adult kids who are my señoras nephews who also brought their wifes and kids over to eat. They loved them! They turned out to be very good and I don’t think there were any left after the 100 plus that we made. They ate most of them and what was left where taken home to enjoy. I felt great being able to teach my señora how to make mexican food. Then I basically had to write two 5 pages essays 1 10 min speech and 1 final exam that I did pretty good at. Here in Mexico they have to show their students their final grade and if the student doesn’t agree with that grade then they can petition the grade. So today friday I had to go to all my classes and get my grades. I am happy to announce that I received two A’s and a B. I feel like I did a solid job this term and I am happy at my over all grades. Its been a great time but I am sure ready to go home. I only have a few more house here and I sure will miss it.

Week 6- Everyone leaving :(

Well this week and last weekend, the 5 week program people left Costa Rica. It has been so strange walking to school without seeing the huge groups of people walking around. There are only about 25 exchange students remaining now, so we are all spread out. I miss everyone already!! There are some awesome people staying too though :).

Jasmine, Yo, Kelsey, Kevin (who will be here all 8 weeks), Lisa (our program leader), y Lawrence <3

My new block of Spanish is going well. There are only 4 students (coincidentally all girls), so we get to have a lot of one on one time with the teacher (who is also a lady). We tend to have a lot of gossip/life talks rather than learning out of our books, but that is just fine with me :). Our teacher has a slightly different teaching style, more relaxed view of the class, and is more alright with just taking the time to get to know the students on a personal basis than my last teacher was. I asked a couple of the other students, and they said that basically my new profesora is the embodiment of normal Tico teachings. Most of the teachers here are like her during the other terms. It really is interesting to me! They are so much more laid back here! I love it though :).

This also means the end of my elective class. I’m pretty sad about it! The teacher was pheomenal, and the class was so interesting! To help make up for it, I’ve started attending a dance class. I’ve learned a lot of the basic salsa moves, and some of the more advanced turns. It has been so much fun!! There are some really nice Ticos there, so it is a good chance to talk with people about the school, Tico life, and what dance means to them. I’m still working on figuring out exactly why being able to dance well is very important here, so that’s an ongoing project!

My Environmental Impacts and Social Development class <3

I had my first completely free weekend this past weekend, which was awesome. I basically did homework and relaxed the whole time. It was nice to have a little bit of personal time/time to reflect on how absolutely amazing this whole experience has been so far. It’s strange to think that in just 3 short weeks I will be home! Where has the time gone?!