Huanchaco, Trujillo

Last week and this week we had our midterms, and here midterms are the same as how we take our finals in the states, there is a designated time and class room to take the test, and it is given by a proctor, also to enter the class you have to have your ID present, sign a paper saying you truly are you, and sign and seal your test when you’re finished; all so official.

Anyways, the only days I had tests were Thursday and Friday, so I decided to get a few friends together and head up north to a town called Trujillo. What a great idea that was. It was a 9 hour bus ride on a “bed bus” which had nice reclining seats, for only $35 each way. I found a nice little hotel online that was about a 20 minute walk outside of the center square. Many people told us where we would be staying was very dangerous, but I found it to be calm and very enjoyable.

The first day we went on a tour of Moche/ChimĂș tours, where we were able to see the body of a mummified queen, Lady of Cao. It was so amazing to walk through the ruins, especially interesting to be where the human sacrifices took place. The next day we took another tour to more ruins called Chan Chan, also very interesting, and large as well.

Wednesday came around and it was already time to head back to Lima. Our bus didn’t leave until 10:45 pm so we decided to spend the day on the beach. It was so amazing, and sunny; just what I needed, and although I used spf 40 sunscreen, I still got burned. Overall it was a great trip, and I am thankful I have met so many Peruvians who can give awesome suggestions of sites to see and things to do.


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