Week 13- Final Week

This week has been pretty bitter sweet. I’m beyond excited to be heading home but sad that I have to leave my friends. One friend mentiones “we will never all together again in this place” that is really crazy. I’ve grown close to lots of people on this trip and it is really sad that I have to say goodbye.

I’ve started packing my bags. It’s kind of nice to know that all i have to do is pack everything in my room and not worry about what to leave behind but with that I have acquired a big load of souvenirs and that is a problem. I don’t have all the room I need to pack everything. 2 check in bags, my backpack and my purse and I’m all set to go.

I’ve said my goodbyes and people have started leaving to the airport. This is a sad time. I took my last walk around Segovia and said my goodbyes, I will be back one day.

Saturday morning my host brother will drive me to the bus station and I will get on the bus to Madrid once in madrid i’ll hop on the metro and make my way to the airport. I’m so glad I know the metro and wont get lost on my way there especially with all of my luggage. I just have to make it to the airport and check in and I will be golden. Goodbye Segovia, until we meet again.

From Rainy London to Sunny… Oregon?

Arriving in England was, let’s face it, terrifying. Don’t get me wrong, it was wonderful and exciting, but it was a new city in a new country in a new part of the world that I had never ventured into before. The entire trip felt like one big heart attack mixed with a shot of adrenaline. You know, in a good way. I’ve learned so many things and met so many amazing people… I can’t express enough how much of an impact this trip has had on me. Not only have I learned so much about the UK, but I’ve challenged myself and passed with flying colors. (Meaning that I wasn’t pick-pocketed or caused an international uproar. Always a plus.)

Matt Smith is incredibly hard to draw.

     There are a couple things that could have been better, but every mistake turned into something fantastic. For example, I went to Ireland for a weekend thinking that I would be meeting up with others, but they were nowhere to be found. However, that weekend was one of the best I had abroad. In another instance, this time in Whales, I was lost for an hour because I couldn’t cross a river. This led me to one of the most beautiful shorelines I’ve seen in my life and guided me through an apartment complex where one of my favorite actors supposedly lives. These little accidental adventures will most likely be some of the best memories from this trip. Lets look at some statistics, shall we?
                                        Before London       After/During Trip
Countries Visited:                      2                           5
Average Walking Stamina:       45 min                  2-2.5 hrs
Average Hours of Sleep:          10 hrs                    7 hrs
Daily Use of Public Transit:        None            Bus and underground
                                                                      6 plane rides
                                                                      6 train rides
Average Tea/Coffee Intake:      1/day                   4-5/day
# of Currencies in wallet:            1                           3
# of Full Sketchbook pages:         0                          76
     While abroad, I’ve met 2 men involved heavily in Doctor Who, 1 actor from from Harry Potter, seen 2 plays, fallen on a bus or tube 0 times, met 1 relative in Ireland, cried out of joy 7 times, saw 3 of the actual TARDISes, drank countless cups of tea, made friends with 7 bobbies, taken 2,409 photos and videos, finished 30 journals against all odds, and gained an enormous new confidence in myself. I know that everyone says how beneficial traveling the world is and how much it can change your perspective, but I’m going to say it anyway; this trip has changed my life. There are very few instances I have used that sentence.

My guide Moira from the Tower of London saw me off at the airport!

     After returning I’ve seen surprisingly little of my friends here. Many are leaving soon for their respective colleges while I don’t have to return until new student week (one month from now). My daily regimen has consisted of drinking three cups of tea a day, reading Norse mythology and Sherlock Holmes, sketching constantly, and watching Doctor Who and Sherlock. I suppose you can take a girl to England, but England will NEVER leave the girl.  Becky