Jennifer Hight: Pre-Departure Rosario Argentina

My name is Jennifer Hight, and this is my first blog post before I head to Argentina. I am a student at Western Oregon University, and by the time I go abroad I will be a junior. I am a history major, and a literature minor. I am required for my B.A. to complete two years of Spanish, and decided to go abroad for my second year over the summer.

Quite honestly, I haven’t put a lot of thought into what I am feeling before I go. Mostly I am just trying to get everything taken care of, like tonight I get to pay my tuition to the program. Good news is I have my flight booked and everything else taken care of, so my stress is mostly gone.

Below there is a picture from Buenos Aires, and I must say when looking at the city it was not what Iw as expecting. Every picture I’ve seen from Argentina has been the ranch hands at the ranchos or the cowboys riding out in the desert. There are never any pictures of cities of urban centers so to find out I was going to be living in and urban center was a big adjustment to my view of the country.

I don’t know a lot about Argentinean culture, just that they like soccer and are catholic. I have the catholic part down, so now I get to work on the soccer part. Honestly, I decided to go to Rosario because I don’t know anything about the culture there. I thought it would be amazing to learn a lot about an outside culture that I had never really encountered so I can come in open and ready to learn.

Next week I plan on writing about my life here at Western and back home in California before I head out. I look forward to posting again so soon!

Buenos Aires

Buenos Aires