First Day in Dublin

I left the U.S. on July 4th. The humor of heading to a foreign country during independence day was not lost on me or any other American on the plane. Lucky for me, I was able to say goodbye to my family (they were working and camping) before I left. Following that was the single greatest plane ride I have ever had.

Only about half the plane was full so we each got a seat entirely to ourselves. I am not joking, I made a nest in mine. It was great. A whole section of the plane was dedicated to me. And on our seats are what I am not calling the bags of awesome. They had everything you could possibly want to survive a plane flight: tooth brush, face mask, ear plugs, and socks. Not to mention the blanket and pillow. Plus they gave me tea all the time! There is nothing greater than that.

Bag of Awesome

Then I landed and Ireland got a bit dimmer. Not because of the clouds or rain. But because of Customs. I made it there with no issue, but was delayed there. I told the official that I was a university student and he asked for my letter from the university. I did not have that. My university and study abroad program never sent me a letter from the university so I had no idea what was happening.

The offical asked me if I had a ticket to leave and I answer yes. From Warsaw in two weeks. He then clarified when I was leaving Ireland and to show him that. So I pulled up the information for my flight to London in two and half weeks and he let me go through. So I made it. But I am not pleased and now know whenever I enter a country I’m there for travel. Not school.

Nearly not allowed in Ireland.

Nearly not allowed in Ireland.

But my hotel room seems pretty awesome. I got my electronics plugged in to the powerstrip so they don’t explode and let everyone know I made it through safely. Tomorrow I’m thinking of heading back to the airport so I can jump on a bus tour of Dublin cause no one in my program shows up until Tuesday. So tonight I’m going to sleep and tomorrow I’m going to figure out where I actually am and hopefully get a more exciting picture of Ireland than this. Yay for plans!

View of Ireland

Houston, the plane has landed

Safe and Sound. Finally to the guest house after a very long but successful journey! My itinerary consisted of some pretty long flights doubled with being bused around the airport having no idea what’s happening, but moved along with the flow of everyone else. When I saw my baggage come through in Udaipur my heart was at ease and I was left with just one hurdle to jump, finding my contact in the crowd of people who was supposed to be wearing a yellow shirt. I walked out the main doors and standing there was my India Study Abroad Center Contact and the director of my internship site. We handed me a goodie bag and we were off!

At that moment started my introduction into India with the famous driving/ road situation. Zooming along were huge trucks painted with little tunes for horns that are constantly playing, autotrickshaws piled with people to the point they are sitting on top and hanging off the back, motorcycles and taxis swerving in and out of traffic and then add in the stream of camels walking along the highway. It’s the biggest game of “chicken” you’d ever seen and the bigger car doesn’t always win.


The market in town where all the shopping is done

The market in town where all the shopping is done

The top word says, Sirohi. That's where I was standing. It made me giggle :)

The top word says, Sirohi. That’s where I was standing. It made me giggle 🙂

Learning to navigate through lots of people and cows crowding the market

Learning to navigate through lots of people and cows crowding the market

It’s already a lovely place and my guest house is wonderful. Today many people already came by the guesthouse to meet me. Tomorrow morning I start off to my first day of work with Educate girls. Thankfully my ISAC contact is still here with me so I don’t get lost walking to work. Goodnight for now and till next time!

Open minds and open hearts make room for growth and change. Striving to live by this day to day. ~Anna

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”~Gandhi