Week One: London

My first week in London was alright, though I spent the majority of the time wanting to go home. It wasn’t that I disliked London or was having homesickness, it was the heat and jet lag. The first weekend was crazy. With too much stuff happening at one time, I was glad when classes started Monday. It was something normal in a sea of chaos. I really like my classes and my professors are nice. Last week also marked the beginning of field trips, both class related and not. For history, we visited the Churchill War Rooms and it was amazing being in such an important place and knowing that during the war, no one knew that Churchill and his team were working only a few feet under London. In English, we visited Shakespeare’s Globe, the Rose theatre, and Richard III with Martin Freeman. It was a really busy day, but a dream come true to a English major. On Friday, I went on the weekend excursion to Edinburgh, Scotland. On my gosh, Scotland is so beautiful and the weather was so nice, (it reminded me of Oregon). On Saturday it was raining and foggy, making everything more magical. I’d go back to Scotland any day.


Below in order: Winston Churchill, Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre, and foggy Scotland




2 thoughts on “Week One: London

  1. I’m sorry to hear you’ve been wanting to go home, but at least the weather feels like home a bit. I have not felt homesick, but this week I’ve been very excited to think that i’ll be home soon even though I absolutely love it here in Rosario. Your excursions sound awesome! And yes I agree, the routine of classes do make everything feel normal and help with adjusting to a foreign country.

  2. I have had times when I feel homesick but I feel better when I think about all the fun I am having in Queretaro. I am excited to hear that you got to see a lot of famous places in London. I hope you have a great trip.

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