Queretaro: Week 1

The first went by so fast.  I spent Sunday night and Monday morning homesick.  I was nervous and unsure of what to do with out my friends.  It always takes me a while to adjust somewhere new when I’m by myself.  The food here is a lot richer than in the states, but I brought some pro-biotics and that has helped my stomach adjust and not get as sick.  The new language has been a challenge because I can’t always say exactly what I want, but I’m learning quickly how to rephrase what I want to say with the words I know.  If I need a different word, I am always willing to look it up.  The older feel of the city is amazing, the architecture is seems like something from Europe, not Mexico.  I want to learn more about the public transport system, as I’ll be using it a lot more in the upcoming weeks.  I also want to learn more about the history of the city because it seems like a beautiful city with a long history.  I want to keep  the learning about aqueducts that run through a part of the city.  In the few days I was here before classes started, I learned they built the aqueducts because a nunnery needed fresh water because the river had become polluted.  Much of the architecture in the downtown part of the city came from outside influence and was built much like a European city.  Using the public transports has helped me see the city in a new way and see it’s  beauty in a new way.

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