Week 1 of Classes

Even though I have been here in Queretaro since June 26 this week is my first week of classes.  I have had a crazy week so far.  On the first day of classes I had only one class for 25 minutes because the teacher was late.  I have learned over the past few days that most Mexican professors show up late to class.  Tuesday was a normal day of classes but Wednesday was crazy.  I took the wrong bus to get to the university.  I am okay but it was a scary experience for me to deal with.  I talked to the people around me and asked them where I was.  Luckily everyone was helpful and my host mom found me and took me home although I missed class I am glad that I am safe.  I learned fast that you have to stay calm and call your resident director and your host mom.  On a lighter note I have had the best food ever here though I would recommend taking it slow when it comes to eating the food here.  I ate too much one day and I got sick with a bad stomachache.  I have learned that it is important also to make sure that know which direction you are going before you go anywhere.  That is all for now.

2014-10-25 16.45.17

2014-10-25 17.11.31

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