On my flight from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Houston, Texas I could not fall asleep from all the nerves and excitement I had of knowing that I would soon be able to see my family and friends. From my flight from Houston, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada it all hit me “I am going home.” I could not keep still; I was all shaky and antsy. Then once I got on my last flight from Las Vegas, Nevada to Portland, Oregon all I could think to myself is, “Could this plane fly any faster.” After, the longest flight ever finally I arrived. I was all full of so many emotions that I could not contain myself, especially when I saw my father and mother waiting out for me, I ran right towards them giving them a great big hug. After a few hours of waiting for my lost luggage, I went back to my hometown where I saw other, my two little brothers, who by the way are not so little and other family members.

A picture I took as I was flying over Oregon.

A picture I took as I was flying over Oregon.

To be completely honest it has felt weird coming back, its as if time had stopped. It almost feels like I never left. However, I still feel like I have to readjust especially when I have all these things going through my head and having so many emotions that I do not know how to express.

It is all coming at me, all at once, coming back, finals week, and graduation. I am just lucky enough to have the right people surrounding me who have and continue to support me that will make my transition back much easier.

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