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Hi, as you probably already saw, my name is Natalie Wallace. I am currently a sophomore (almost a junior) here at Western Oregon University. I am a biology major with a chemistry minor (yes, I like science) and in the future I want to work in the medical field. I’m not exactly sure what I want to do after I graduate yet, I am just exploring all of my options.
I’m using this post to tell you a little about myself before I begin my study abroad journey in less than a week! I will be going to Scotland for eight whole weeks. Why Scotland you may ask? Well, ever since I was very young, I have been obsessed with the United Kingdom in general (I think it all started with Harry Potter). I also wanted to go to Scotland since my ancestors are from there (my last name is Wallace) and wanted to learn more about the Scottish culture and people. I just find the differences between our two cultures fascinating for some reason.
I’ve wanted to study abroad since high school, when my family hosted several exchange students (from Germany, France, and the Czech Republic). Seeing how much they enjoyed their experience just made me want to do it too, so here I am heading to Scotland in less than a week! I am so excited for this adventure and will post my pre-departure thoughts soon.

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About Natalie Wallace

Hi, my name is Natalie. I am a junior at Western Oregon University working towards a major in biology and a chemistry minor. I am going abroad this summer to Stirling, Scotland and can't wait to write about all of my adventures!

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