It Is Already My Last Month Abroad!

So how did that happen?? Though some times it felt like I still had so much longer before going home, I am now in my last month studying here in Costa Rica.

But lets start by finishing in March. I traveled to Montezuma, a very small, yet lovely, beach town from March 28-31. It was a great weekend full of relaxing at the beach, eating yummy fajitas and casados, and climbing up 10176124_10202269724007386_6566969463052854037_nto waterfalls.

I had a great time while I was there, but it turns out that I picked up a bacterial infection there 🙁
Once I was back in San Jose, I started to feel sick. I ended up having to miss the second day of my new (and final!!) Spanish class, and stayed sick for a whole week straight. I would go to class, then come home and lay down. It was a bit miserable. I even got some medicine from the pharmacy, but that did not help. So I finally went to the hospital and got antibiotics and a few other medicines to take for the following 5 days to hopefully kick that bacteria! Thankfully it worked, and I was much better by the 4th or 5th day!

Now lets jump back into April.
My first weekend in April, I stayed in San Jose and went to a festival, one of a few that happen throughout the year, in downtown called The FIA. It was awesome to see all sorts of local art and products from around Central America at the various booths. It was fun and reminded me of the Saturday Market in Portland, OR in many ways! I was even able to find some Kombucha tea there! Amazing!


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