My 72 days of Adventure!

Many of us including myself seem to be waiting for something to come to us, for a change to happen. Well I decided that I was tired of waiting, so I decided to step out of my comfort zone, seek out opportunities, and challenge myself by taking on a new and different adventure.

I decided to make my own path by going out to a place for 72 days where I have never been, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

You might be wondering why Argentina. Well there are many reasons, a few are that it is a Latin country where its citizens are proud of their nation, how it is a family oriented country full of celebrations, a country influenced by music and other arts, and because of its healthcare system. Now, from all the places in Argentina I selected Buenos Aires not only because it is the capital, but because it is one of the largest cities in the world where I will be exposed to many new things.

I can assure you that when I decided to take on this amazing opportunity, which I have been blessed with, I was very nervous. I was nervous for the flight, because I have never been on a plane, let alone by myself. Not only that, but I was very scared and anxious to live in a huge city, because I have never lived in one, so I was afraid to get lost. I was excited to see a new culture and country where I would be part of the culture, get the chance to work in it, and meet new people. I felt sad knowing that I would be far away from my family for the first time. Now, even with all my research I felt uncertain, because even knowing what I might expect was not enough, because it is something new which can go in any direction, but with the support I had I was able to push forward.

Prior to my departure, I was full of mixed emotions. After my family said goodbye I was alone and all I could do was maintain myself. As I was trying to find my way to my first flight I was slightly confused, but I was very fortunate to have met friendly people along the way willing to help. I will especially be thankful to an angel of a woman, who sat by me from Portland to Houston, she was such a confidence booster. I can honestly say that for being my first flight, alone, I felt like I did pretty ‘good’ even though I was shaky every time the plane would take off and land. This was definitely a memorable and amazing learning experience.


I took both of these pictures, one before my departure and the other one as I was in the air heading to Houston, Texas from Portland, Oregon.

I took both of these pictures, one before my departure and the other one as I was in the air heading to Houston, Texas from Portland, Oregon.


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