My February in Costa Rica

One word describes my February in Costa Rica: Brutal.

February was NOT something I was hoping to go through, but thankfully I got through it.
Times can get tough when your roommates are all on edge and people are fighting all the time.

As far as my adventures during this month… they were okay. I went to Bocas Del Toro, Panama and was very disappointed. BUT I am sure if I went back I would enjoy it more. My experience with the hostel was horrible and my bed had bedbugs. The guys in Panama are much more vocal than in Costa Rica and in general people seem to be very upfront there, whereas in Costa Rica people are more passive. On top of that things were just pretty darn unorgainzed with my tour group, and crossing the Panama/ Costa Rica border was kind of scary. 1560639_10201846068376260_105361356_n
Sketchy bridge that we had to walk across to get into and out of Panama.

One (mostly) nice thing about my weekend in Bocas was the trip to Starfish beach. We hung out in hammocks and others played volleyball on the beach for a while while I waited 2 hours for my lunch. At least the coconut rice was AMAZING.


Not too much else happened while I was here. I missed my sisters 18th birthday back at home, and of course I missed Valetines Day/ my 3 year anniversary.

My Spanish continued to improve this month though, which was good!
2 Spanish clases down, 2 to go!

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