My FAVORITE Weekend So Far!

This last weekend was AMAZING. I am so glad my roommates made me go!

I went to Monteverde (in the mountains) with 2 of my roommates and honestly had the best time of my life. We went on a canopy tour that was SO much fun, with the longest single cable in Latin America, as well as 2 Superman style LONG cables, a little rappel, and a tarzan swing.

It was a beautiful day, and I love zip lining so I had a blast! The tarzan swing was kind of scary at first, but it was used as out pre-bungee jump prep. Good thing we did that first!!



If you are ever in Monteverde, Costa Rica I HIGHLY recommend the 100% Adventura Canopy Tour. It is definitely the most fun and is even cheaper than the one at Extremo. Plus the superman style is included in the price, and there are 2 instead of 1.

Then came bungee jumping. Oh. My. Goodness. I was in shock that I actually went through with it for a couple days afterwards, but that bungee jump was SO amazing!! It was crazy and terrifying for about 30 seconds total (pre jump and the first few seconds of the free fall), but so much fun! I am so happy that I went through with it! Here the only option is Extremo, which has the highest bungee jump in all of Latin America. And I went on it. Best $60 spent in my entire study abroad experience. What is really cool too is that you get to have a GoPro attached to your wrist, so I was able to purchase a sweet video of myself jumping and the GORGEOUS view for a very reasonable $15.

Me bungee jumping, photo taken by my roommate.

The rest of the weekend I got to hang out with some other students from my school here who happened to be at our hostel too, look through the souveneir shops, and take pictures of the lovely little (VERY little) town.

Ready to dive into week three of March!!
Hasta luego!

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