Month # 3! Starting out March with a great trip.

Ah finally into March!! It is so nice to put February behind me, and move closer to better trips and a shorter amount of time until I get to see my friends and family back home again!

March started out on a weekend this year. One that happened to be my BIRTHDAY! Yep, I spent my 20th birthday partying in Costa Rica… what a dream right? 😉

Two of my roommates, a friend, and I traveled up north to Tamarindo for the birthday weekend! My roommate, coincidentally also named Nicole, had her birthday two days after mine so this was OUR birthday weekend. I am not much of a partier, but it was fun. We met some cool people at the hostel we stayed in and went out with them.

I found that people there are very generous with their drinks, especially when it is your birthday. And one guy named Puma from Finland, who sounded like Andre the Giant, was thrilled that it was my birthday. He even sang me Happy Birthday in another language and it was so confusing that I didnt even realize it was a song. Haha good times celebrating with fellow travelers 🙂 We spent the eve of my birthday dancing and the night of my birthday on the beach, watching the sunset.


In Tamarindo, I also tried to surf, got a gnarly sunburn, and ate some delicious food!

What a great way to start out my 3rd month in Costa Rica!

One thought on “Month # 3! Starting out March with a great trip.

  1. A very LATE happy birthday. It looks like you really enjoyed your time in Costa Rica on your birthday. I bet it was amazing getting to celebrate it in a new country with new friends and by the looks of it trying new things.

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