Saying goodbye to beautiful people, a beautiful country and an amazing experience.

As I pack all my things to get ready to head home tomorrow, I can’t help but reflect on everything that has happened in these three months. Last night, my office crew took me out for a nice good bye dinner and it was a wonderful way to end my journey.

Out to dinner before I leave the office to return home! The 2 people to my right in the picture are 2 of my office crew and the other is a junior coach at the Tennis Centre. These are some of the most amazing, loving, welcoming people I have ever met!

Before I left for my crazy adventure, I had so many emotions flowing that it didn’t even seem real until I was on the plane headed to my new home. Traveling alone was something I had never done, and to be traveling thousands of miles away without anyone was really terrifying. I ended up finding out so much about myself and gained a whole new perspective of life and will be forever thankful for my experience and everything I have learned.

I have had the most amazing time here and am not at all ready to go home. I loved everyone I worked with and will cherish every laugh, every boring job assignment and every walk up the hill to work forever. I gained relationships that I thought I would never make after being alone for the first month without a roommate and I hadn’t met any friends yet. But after that first month, I had made relationships that I know will last a lifetime. I gained knowledge and experience working at the tennis center that I can carry with me and I can’t thank my office crew enough. My time here has been nothing short of amazing, I can’t even put into words what this experience has done for me. While at times I felt like I wasn’t learning and growing as much as some students who go to countries with cultures a lot different than ours in America, I realized I grew and learned a lot just in different ways. The next time I reflect and write, I’ll be in the US dreaming of my time and waiting for the day that I get to come back to this beautiful country!


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