New home and good byes!

Well I moved in to my the place I’ll call home until I leave to travel. I love the house and where it’s located. It’s nice to have home cooked meals and sit around with a family. It makes me feel like I’m at home. I have a nice comfy bed with a gorgeous view, I can’t complain. Up from the house there is a long walk way with tons of stairs to the next city over, if you take the path all the way it’ll take you to the botanacle gardens and to where the Cable Car is. I have walked there a few times alreadt and love the views!

My roommate that I had at my apartment left to travel because her internship kind of turned out to be a flop. So we went and had our last few nights together, I plan on visiting her in Pennsylvania this coming Summer. It’s crazy that my time here is fastly approaching! I am definitely not ready to leave this beautiful place but all good things must come to an end. I leave to travel here in a few days and then we have a huge tournament and then it’ll be time for me to start packing my bags 🙁

Until next time,



The walk way to the other city that is close to my new home!


Picture from the top of the Rose Garden!


This was taken at the top of the Cable Car, during one of my walks from my new house!

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