Keep Rollin’ With The Tides

Officially crossed that mid-time marker and what a journey it’s been. I like to think I’m well established here and know how to get around and navigate the back alleys which are streets and the bustling traffic along the high way of huge trucks constantly honking and motorcycles swerving in and out. I know what to order and what and how to eat properly. I’m in a way a baby to life, having to re-learn all my basic skills along with language. Overall it’s great though.

This past week I got a new, lovely experience. Teacher’s are always looking for ways to improve the class and move forward in the styles of teaching. Having Educate Girls facilitate the training, the focus is really about teaching through play. I taught them a few English songs, with correlating hand motions, about the body parts and days of the week. They were very excited to teach them to their students.

At trainings, teachers are always very excited to talk to discuss the American school system. The want to know about a teacher’s salary and if they work in higher education if they’ll get paid more. The most surprising fact I tell them is that Doctor’s are more well respected and paid way more than teacher’s. This appalling to them and hard to believe.

From being at Western and chatting with almost everybody who walks by to knowing about 2% of what’s being said, it opens up alot of time to think and ponder life.  I have much time to observe everything and everyone going on around me. This has helped in discovering more about myself and the culture around me.

This is the equivalent of Hwy 99

This is the equivalent of Hwy 99


The God of Education with song prayers written on both sides

The God of Education with song prayers written on both sides

My favorite Master Trainer's granddaughter, her name is also Annie

My favorite Master Trainer’s granddaughter, her name is also Annie


With every passing week,  I realize more goals and dreams I have. I came to India in hope to find where my true passions lie and to test out others. I am happy to say I have realized alot about myself and in which direction I want my future to go. I have learned to channel all my passions into one collaborative group but it has been discovered. With great peace and metta ~ Anna

″A traveler without observation is a bird without wings.” – Moslih Eddin Saadi

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