Where do I start?

I got the opportunity to be a part of the wedding for a woman I work with at the Beacon House. Her colors were pink and sea blue and it was beautiful. It was a Christian ceremony and, WOW, do Ghanaians get excited. There were about 8 pastors there simply to bless the marriage and pray on the newly weds. There was a lot of screaming and praying, there is no such thing as talking at these weddings. Everyone uses a microphone to yell their praises to God and it is as if the speakers are right behind your head! It was different from American weddings in that, there was only a Bridesmaid and Best Man up at the front with the Bride and Groom. However, there were typically about 4-8 people standing right behind them taking pictures of the first kiss (often even blocking the view of the parents). The couple went to the back of the church to go sign their marriage certificate, and then danced their way back down the isle for more praying. Everyone was dancing and praising and it was like the reception had already began! I got to escort the Beacon House kids to the wedding and on the way there, one of our cars got a flat tire! I had to pack 8 kids in a small taxi with me! They all had so much fun though! They got to dress in their nicest clothes and go see a part of Accra they had never seen before! It was cool to see them in a different environment and interact with other kids and adults!


Also, I was asked to participate in a panel session for a conference my site director here for AHA was putting on. It was an educational conference for staff members of study abroad programs. People from all over the US and even some from different parts of South Africa came to hear new and interesting information to help them be more involved in what the Accra programs do here for students studying abroad. I was part of the session for “Students Ventilating”. Two other students and I spoke of our experiences thus far, all having been here for different lengths of time. People were very interested and happy to hear what we had to say, so that they can know first hand what their students may experience when they come here to Ghana. I was even asked to speak again the following day, which made me feel very honored. I had a lot of people coming up to me to tell me how well I did and that made me feel so good! I even unexpectedly got paid! 🙂

Some of the attendees to the conference ended up coming to stay with me so that this big house did not seem so empty! One of which is my AHA contact from U of O, Jena Turner! It’s been so awesome getting to finally meet her in person, especially since we have met on the opposite side of the world! I got to do a lot of networking and meet some very intelligent, and well travelled adults! They even took me out to dinner! 🙂


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