Tournaments and shenanigans-

With it being summer here in New Zealand, we have tons of tournaments going on at the moment. I’ve been busy at working prepping for the events going on and then events to follow. We have a huge tournament coming up called the Wellington Open and the company I work for is trying a lot of new things then years in the past, so there is a lot of pressure riding on us to put on and host a successful tournament.

Aside from work, I’ve been planning some trips and will leave the last two weeks of work to travel the North island a bit more. I didn’t have the chance and time to visit the South Island at all, but I can promise myself that I will be back this beautiful coutry sometime again. My roommate and I have been going over to a friends house almost every night enjoying his company and having movie nights. He’s from New Zealand so it’s nice to learn and talk about the differences and similarities in our Countries.

I started reading a few new books to keep me company on my lazy days at the beach. After hectic days at the office and eventful nights with friends almost every night, it is night to have a relaxing Sunday at the produce market and then head to the beach for the rest of the day. I’m babysitting for my boss tomorrow night, her little boy and two kids from Denmark who are here visitng with their family. I’m excited to interact with kids as I love being around those from around the world.

Until next week,



A sunny, relaxing day at Oriental Bay.


Mean Girls- Making our kiwi friend suffer through the typical teenage girl movie.

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