Days go by and poof it’s already mid February!

Week 5- kept in my journal

Ah I can’t believe time is flying by as fast as it is. I work more than I have to most days just because I love it here so much. I got offered a full time position this week, I wish I were closer to being completely done with my studies so I could even just work here for 6 months or so. I feel so blessed and lucky to have been placed with such a lovely company. We had another tournament that was really fun and I am starting to pick up everything!

I had mentioned going to the Rugby sevens in my last blog, and it was one of the most fun experiences I have had. It was a little crazy, but it’s something that is huge here so I felt like it was something I had to do. We dressed up as American girls the second night and actually went and watched the Rugby tournament and it was nuts in the stadium! It was so loud, with so many people everywhere in the craziest costumes! Some of the costumes were so amazing and hilarious.

My roommate Maureen and I have been going to the beach on nice days when we both get off of work. We always spend our Sunday mornings at the produce market and then usually do our grocery shopping afterwards. We met a group of people from all over the world the other night and had them all over and cooked dinner and talked about all the countries and it was a good night full of good laughs and learning.

Valentines Day was yesterday and a bunch of us girls went out and had dinner and then went out dancing. It was a lot of fun with great vibes and fun all around. The night life is really good here, so we spend our evenings out meeting people and going to different stores, night markets and galleries.

I haven’t had much time to go do too many touristy things yet, I have to work on the weekends a lot for tournaments that we have at the Tennis Center. The girls and I are planning a few weekend trips coming up, so hopefully we’ll get to see a little more of New Zealand here soon.

Until next week,


During tournaments we often get out to watch some of our best juniors in the region for some good tennis matches! We were caught soakin up the sun 🙂

My roommate in the front and Anna, another intern here in New Zealand getting readty for our night out on Valentines day. I love these girls!


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