Week Three in Costa Rica

So my third week in Costa Rica just flew by! I have been keeping busy with excursions this month in my free time.

My third weekend here I went to the waterfall and river in La Fortuna, the Arenal Volcano, and the Baldi Hot Springs. I had such a great time in this little town!! It was SO cute and there were so many little shops with authentic handmade art and woodwork. I was in heaven! 🙂

The waterfall was gorgeous, even though going up those stairs on the way back was harder than I would have liked 😉

La Fortuna Catarata

La Fortuna Catarata

The view from my hotel was fabulous. I could see the Volcano so well! This volcano is still active, though it has been very inactive and calm for the last couple of years. Previously though, the city was on the other side of the volcano (which is still burned up). During one particular eruption years ago, the whole city was completely destroyed, so they rebuilt a new city on the other side of the volcano.

Volcan Arenal -- the view from my hotel room!

Volcan Arenal — the view from my hotel room!

The Baldi Hot Springs was WONDERFUL!! So high end… with $5.50 beers and $10 coctails… and very relaxing! Aside from slamming my head going down a waterslide and getting a minor concussion, I had a lovely time.

On the way, we had stopped in Alajuela at the Iglesia de Zarcero. What an incredible site! The church was beautiful, and someone was actually getting married inside while we were there. The gardens are kept by the same man that has keeping the grounds for the last 50 years or so. This man is in his 90’s now and has his son help him. Apparently when Disneyworld in Orlando was opening, the man was offered a top job there sculpting the shrubbery because they were so impressed with his original work. Though his whole family could have been moved there for free, he declined, saying that he would rather stay in his hometown.

 Iglesia de Zarcero

Iglesia de Zarcero



Overall a great weekend! I am almost done with my first Spanish intensive course…just one more week left!

Chao for now!

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