It is already February?!

How did this happen?? I have already been in Costa Rica for 1/4 of my semester abroad. So far so good though, so I am not complaining!! I have experienced so much here already and have been blessed enough to get to travel a good amount.

Tomorrow I start my second of three (or hopefully four… I am working on changing it to four) Spanish language intensive classes. By the end of this month I hope to be speaking much better and more fluently! This is going to be a great month, I already know it! As always, this shorter month will fly by, and before I know it I will be half way done with my semester. Next week I have my midterms in my elective classes, so it will probably hit me in the face again then.

I have not gotten to interact with the locals here as much as I might have liked, so this month I am going to try and talk to more people here along with more observations. My host brothers who are close to my age are a good start too! I will definitely be trying to hold longer conversations with them this month as I continue learning more Spanish.

There will also be much more exploration of San Jose this month, so I can see how my expectations of city interactions compare to the real deal.

Look for more reflections on that later!

Buenas Noches!

PS. Go Seahawks!! I was one of just a few people here reppin’ the beautiful Northwest USA, and I am proud of it!! Woop Woop!

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