Tournament, new friends, birthday.. week 3

Time is flying by as I can’t believe it is already February!

This last week was busy but it was definitely a good busy. I am loving every minute working at Tennis Central, my job until the end of my time here. The people are just as wonderful as when I first started there. We have a huge International Junior Tennis Championship tournament coming up this week that I am really looking forward to. I got to babysit for a little on Friday while my coworkers worked on their tennis skills for the day and he was the sweetest little boy.

My 22nd Birthday came along and I got to go out and enjoy the night life here with a few friends I met while I was working with the Soccer team. I was struggling to meet people my own age as I work with all older people, but I finally have made a group of girlfriends that has been making my time a lot better. I met a local that took me around this last weekend and he took me on a night experience tour at an animal/eco sanctuary where I got to see a lot of New Zealands noctournal animals and it was so amazing! I got to see their national bird which is called a Kiwi and looked like a little kid with the smile on my face when I finally saw it. Glow worms, tuataras, which are a lizard looking reptile, and many other wild birds were on the list of things I was privelaged to see. I also was able to enjoy the summer markets here this week and was able to leave work a little early one day to enjoy the sun at the beach.

New Zealand 088

Went and played pool with some of the friends I have made before going out for my Birthday!

New Zealand 006

Enjoying the beach on a beautiful afternoon! It is beyond gorgeous but the sun sure sneaks up on you and the water is cold!

New Zealand 019

Little Cian (Kee-N), he was so funny and the perfect little baby. His mom is also the sweetest lady and is American too!

New Zealand 027

Kāruhiruhi also known as a Pied shag. This and another bird were the only pictures I was able to get from the sanctuary before the sun went down and then we weren’t able to use flash.

New Zealand 034

This is a Takahē. Him and his mate were following us all around at the beginning of the tour. They were beautiful birds that are only in New Zealand!


I am looking forward to this week with the tennis tournament and Thursday being a national holiday. I also am getting a new roommate tomorrow, which will be SO nice to finally have some company for when I am at home. Also, there is a huge rugby game this weekend where everyone dresses up and it’s a huge city wide party for the weekend! I fall in love with this country more and more everyday.

until next week,


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  1. That is so great that you could go out with some people your age and celebrate your birthday! I am in Costa Rica, and I will be celebrating my birthday here also. I was sad at first that I would be away from all my family/friends, but then I learned that my roommate’s birthday is 2 days after mine! It will be interesting to celebrate here though, and different! Just as I am sure it was a very different kind of experience for you too.

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