Back in America

Now that I’m back in the states it’s been quite the adjustment. My biggest problem was adjusting to the time difference. I would wake up way too early at times but I would fall back asleep later. I’m really glad I get a few weeks off before heading back to school. I really need this time to adjust, get used to things, and reconnect with people I missed.

The first thing I did when I got home around 1am was shower and fall asleep but the next morning my moms delicious tamales were waiting for me. I sure missed my moms cooking so much!

I feel like i’ve had to adjust to being around all the americans and speaking english now. English is all around me and I have to get used to speaking it on a daily basis. I still get flashbacks of Spain but I don’t miss it terribly.. yet. It feels like the 3 months were a dream. I still can’t believe I was in Europe.

A lot of friends and family want to know all about my trip and it feels like I say the same thing over and over, I think i’ll make a script and repeat it to every person that asks. I really enjoy showing all the pictures I took and reminiscing on the memories.

I feel study abroad has helped me tremendously, i definitely grew as a person and experienced new things. My life will forever be marked by my study abroad experience.

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