Been home for over two weeks now. Got home just in time for the holidays along with having some great times with my parents and enjoyed good food and gifts for Christmas. Although I missed my friends back in England, it was better to be home for the most important time of the year, at least in my mind.

It was nice to not have things be so expensive, as this was my main complaint with England. The pound is so strong compared to our dollar, which is why I figured how so many Brits could travel over here with such a higher cost of living back home. Even with more limited funds in my pocket, a lot of being drained from the trip, nice to have my dollar stretch a bit further.

Hope everyone who went this past semester had a good time, hope all those who are gone for the year continue to have a great time and those about to leave or have just left, get some great memories and build some lasting relationships. Hope all have a Happy New Year.

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