Well I am a little late on my “arrival home” post, as you can imagine it has been a busy two weeks. It was very difficult leaving home for Peru, and it was very difficult leaving Peru to come home. When I got to Peru I felt alone, without friends or family, and had a hard time getting used to the culture. When I got home I was so happy to see my family but again I felt so alone…my friends and boyfriend were still in Peru, and I had a hard time waking up knowing I wouldn’t be seeing them.

For the first few days I felt super busy, but I still was thinking about how much I missed everyone, but as time went on I saw more friends and it became easier each day. I am very excited for school to start, just as I was in Peru because I love seeing new and old friends.

The thing I miss the most about my host culture is the weather…right now it’s in the mid 80’s in Peru, and when I arrived home it was 8 degrees. I was extremely cold, and of course had no winter clothes as they were all packed in my storage unit, lack of planning on my part.

I really appreciate being able to drive again, and not having to worry about getting a cab or catching the bus, what I do not miss is the gas prices and the mold that grew in my car while it was parked for 5 months, looks like someone left a window down…oops.

Needless to say, I am happy to be home and love sharing my experiences with my friends and family, it will forever be a good conversation starter.


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  1. Welcome home, Hannah,
    Yes, it is always interesting that students studying abroad experience the same kinds of emotions prior to going to a place as they do before returning to the place from which they started the journey. You’ve returned appreciating your own culture and also appreciating the Peruvian culture. Michele

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