Coming Home

What have I learned here in England these past three months? Well, for one, America is a great country and I am so thankful to have lived in it my whole life. Two, that Britain is also a great country, and although I am not saying they are better than America, they do share a lot of our values, just beyond political leaders and the big things. The average Brit and the average American would get on quite nicely if they get to know each other. Finally, that Americans aren’t loathed everywhere, and people can distinguish you from others if you put forth reasonable argument and comport yourself with some poise.

Been packing and cleaning my room. Hopefully I will get done with that in a couple hours and take a nap before a 3am flight tomorrow. So exciting. However, getting home for Christmas and the New Year will be nice and allow me to unwind. I have a lot to ponder these last few hours though; all I have seen, all I have heard, all I have felt. A lot of emotions and thoughts go through my head, but I can’t explain much of it. I do know one thing though, I will miss these inescapable feelings.

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  1. You worked so hard to make study abroad happen for you, and I sense that you have made the most of the opportunity. Your time abroad will continue to unfold for you long after you have returned. Michele

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