Week 10

Had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner here at the university. Met some of the international students I had never met personally before, even some U.S. students. It was a great transition from America, though it still was not quite the same. When you don’t have your ‘home’ or your family, it does take away some of the luster. All in all though, a nice little event.

Busy getting assignments done, as the international students need to get them in earlier than the UK students. Nice we don’t have to do them over Christmas break though. Preparing for some more traveling and some Christmas shopping. Hopefully will go to London soon.

IMG_0487 IMG_0544

Photo on the left is the Titanic museum in Belfast. Forgot to put that up. Only a year old, but great insight into all about or surrounding the Titanic.

Photo on the left is Edge Hill. Puts many campuses in America in a different light, as this one speaks of a more formal and grand entrance. Dominates the campus.

2 thoughts on “Week 10

  1. I would enjoying hearing more about the Titanic museum. What did you find the most interesting about this historic ocean liner and it’s subsequent sinking? Michele

    • All the background of what Belfast and those who worked on the ship. Those people shouldn’t be blamed, rather praised for making such a great vessel, but for the mistake of the White Star Line and the crew. Amazing how so many people with such different backgrounds and skills built the Titanic.

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