Predeparture, coming back to the US

I can’t believe the time is finally here. I felt that each day was an eternity, and that this time would never come but now that it is here I am wishing for just a few more days, and it seems it went by so fast.

Before coming to Peru I was scared that I wouldn’t be able to communicate with anyone, and that I would miss my family. Turns out I could communicate really well, my spanish improved so much in the time I have been here, but yes I did miss my family the entire time. Coming here was a shock to me because I didn’t know what to expect. I didn’t know how the weather is, the people are, the economy, nothing. So it was a huge challenge to get used to these things that are so different than what I was used to.

While being here I met many great people, and many that I won’t miss even a little bit. I think that happens everywhere though. I was placed with an AMAZING host family who definitely made a huge impact in my time abroad. They made me part of their family and cared for me as if I was one of their own. My family and myself appreciate them so much and all they have done for me.

Throughout my time here in Peru, I was faced with many challenges and rough times and I felt that I absolutely couldn’t wait to get home. As time went on I realized that I am so thankful for being able to experience these things because they made me appreciate so much what I have to come home to- my university, my home, my family, and security. I am really looking forward to going home because my appreciation for everything is so much more now that it was before. I can’t wait to hug my mom and my dad, and see my cat, sleep in my own bed, eat taco bell….all those things 🙂 It is so bittersweet because I am leaving behind some amazing people, but I know I will see them again in life.

2 thoughts on “Predeparture, coming back to the US

  1. I am feeling the exact same way as you. I don’t want to leave, and it felt like the day of my flight home would never come. Also, on the Taco bell subject, Barcelona just got it’s first one here last week! I’ve already gone twice…whoops. I just missed it so much.

  2. You have accomplished a great deal in Peru. You have navigated well through all challenges. I can understand the increased sense of appreciation you have for your family. I think this happens to everyone at different times in life–the having to step away in order to see more clearly. Michele

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