Week 6

Well, starting to bring American culture to the UK. Have been coaching an American football team for a couple of weeks, getting ready to become a university team hopefully next year. Really difficult, as most sports here aren’t taken very seriously and receive a pittance for funding. Football is even harder to get going. But it is a good exercise and hopefully things will turn around. Been working with the student’s union and with the locals on the team to get more recognition and funding if we improve enough.

Going to Poland this weekend. Going to see Krakow and Warsaw. Should be cheaper than the UK, since the local currency is about 3 to 1 on the dollar. Plenty of partying and expenditure I am sure. Also going to see Auschwitz. Looking forward to it, as it is a big historical site and should be done by any that can, but not excited as it is such a morbid and evil place too. I pray I don’t get too emotional, whether sad, angry or both.

Finally started on my papers. Almost have one done and started on another. This school environment is so much more relaxed, as they only have a couple of graded works, while most of my classes back home have specified assignments, tests and reading almost non-stop. You can almost fall into a daze here, but then things sneak up on you pretty darn quick. Fortunately, I am not behind anymore and am actually ahead of my most in my classes. Fingers crossed on good grades.


The beginnings of our American football team. Should be interesting.


2 thoughts on “Week 6

  1. What fun to be starting an American football team and also a good way to make friends. I’m glad you’re caught up in your classes and also enjoying them. You’re right that the educational system is quite different. However, though you have fewer assignments, the weight of these is greater toward the final grade. I’m looking forward to hearing about your trip to Poland. I think it’s inevitable that all of the emotions you mention will come to the forefront when you visit Auschwitz. Michele

  2. Like Michele said, I will be looking forward to hearing about your trip to Poland. I think going to Auschwitz would be very interesting, but also very emotional and heart breaking…I’m not sure that I could ever do it.
    It is interesting to hear about the schooling..it is so different anywhere you go. Here in PerĂº they expect so much from you, but give you very little resources. Much more laid back and comfortable at WOU.

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