week 4

This week I did A LOT. It was a holiday called La Merce and there were free concerts at the beach and parades all around the city. I visited¬†Labyrinth Park which was so cool, different then anything i’ve seen in the states. The coolest and most exciting thing that happened was participating in the “dragon run”. Which is when people masked and dressed in all black have sticks with firework works shooting out will run through the crowds and people even go towards them and go into the fireworks! There were sparks flying everywhere, I wasn’t exactly prepared for it. I got a few burns on my arm but nothing too serious. Overall, it was so fun and something that I am so glad that I got to be apart of.¬†


Maze at Labyrinth park in Barcelona  

Dragon run

Dragon run during La Merce


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  1. What does La Merce celebrate? You could do a really effective blog post about this holiday, using the DIVE method required in the “while abroad” assignment. Michele

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