Finally some decent internet/wifi (arrival)

Well, made it to England about one week ago. Been pretty hectic at times, but others have been real laid back and mellow. The scene leaving the airport was comic, stuffing fifteen people with most of our luggage in a small bus, as the trailer taking the luggage was overflowing. We had to leave behind our two escorts, it was so packed. I was only one of two American males, and three overall. Twelve girls to three guys was almost intimidating.

I was not too nervous about coming over, as I have already been to England once before, other than being completely on my own. I know how to get to gates, go to customs and all related to that, it was just having no support for part of the trip that daunted me a little. I was much more nervous about finding my way through Ormskirk and the campus itself.

Got a tour immediately after settling into our rooms, as the staff did not want us to sleep (we arrived at around noon local time) and further disorient our internal clocks. It was interesting, seeing the town and being around such history on the one hand, but modern (or fairly modern) conveniences and shops on the other. Rooms are fairly sparse and far less accommodation than back home, but still have heating and electricity. Still getting used to the overall scene and getting the internet to consistently work!

Classic example below of having a more modern shop put in around an older building.





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  1. Internet has been a big problem for me too. I guess that Wifi just isn’t as much of a need for people over here, either that or they all just use mobile internet I have noticed. England looks cool though! Wish I was somewhere where at least i spoke the same language sometimes!

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