Last week a friend and I decided to take a trip to Barranco, another district here in Lima. Barranco is beautiful and full of many old buildings. It is along the beach so we were able to walk down and put our feet in the ocean. It reminded me a lot of the Oregon Coast, maybe the Pacific Ocean is the same anywhere you are.

Barranco is about 25 minutes away from my district, Santiago de Surco, but it is a costly cab ride. Originally we went because we heard of a Mexican burrito shop, but the day we went it was closed so of course we had to return. Something I have come to find here in PerĂº is that many places are closed on Monday, instead of Sunday, because even on Sundays people are still out enjoying their weekend, where as in the United States, Sundays are the days to relax and recover from the weekend. So we returned a few days later to try out the burrito stand. I think I would have liked my burrito had it not had “fajita style” veggies in it. My first week I got sick off a dish called lomo saltado which has tomatoes and onions similar to a fajita, so now anything like that is difficult for me to eat.

After we had our burritos we went down to the beach and sat and watched the waves. I felt so happy because it was like having my own little piece of Oregon, here in PerĂº. Barranco is beautiful, as well as the rest of Lima!

If you look closely you can see the statue of a saint in the fog.


My lovely friend Katie




View from a hilltop



The walk down to the beach, and the bottom picture with the building is a night club and restaurant, which is so amazing at night to be able to go down on the beach after a fun night of dancing.

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3 thoughts on “Barranco

  1. Barranco sounds like a lovely district. I’m glad you’re exploring the city. The next time you post, try the DIVE technique (see the assignments while abroad in the drop down menu). DIVE is essentially describe, investigate, verify, and explain to your audience (all of us!) It’s a wonderful way to learn more about what you’re seeing and hearing. Michele

  2. While I was in Italy some of the girls and I tried going to a night club. We got all ready and left at around midnight-just as we would here in the states. But when we got there we found out the club didn’t open until 2 in the morning. I guess clubs in Europe open really late and stay open until around 5 or 8 in the morning. I guess I am curious as to how the clubs are in Peru?

    • I am not sure of what time they open up, but typically people don’t arrive until after midnight, which is difficult for me since I am used to the bars in the US closing at 2 am haha, so by 1:30 I am worn out and ready to go home.

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