I have fallen in love in Lima, Peru, with the music and dancing that is 😉

Reggeaton is very popular here and so fun to dance to. Before coming here I did not know how to dance…I could dance the way most college girls can dance, but nothing like what they do here. No matter what night of the week it is, you can go to a dance club and there will be awesome music and people dancing.

I found a website that lists all the Peruvian radio stations and you can listen to them from your computer. I love this because not only does it make it so you are more familiar with some of the songs you hear about the club but I have noticed I am hearing more Spanish words and terms that are more frequently used than words and phrases that I already know. There is a big music festival coming up called Creamfields. It is a weekend event that is outdoors and it is all techno type, I am really looking forward to that!1175720_10201160942337100_1153574232_n 1174574_10201472932561310_266989748_n

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  1. Music and dance are such an integral part of Latin culture. These are wonderful ways to connect with the local people, to practice your Spanish, and expand your vocabulary. I’m so glad you’re enjoying this part of the culture. Michele

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