Home and Vegas Baby!

Ciao tutti!

Ha ha!  Well, as you can tell from the title, I arrived home and was almost immediately whisked to Las Vegas.  I told my family all about my trip to Siena, showed them my pictures and souvenirs, and got to work on the capstone project.  I did wear the bay leaf wreath when I got off the plane and my family thought it was really cool.  Less than a week after getting home, my grandparents, brother, and I drove to Vegas for a weekend getaway.  They said it was to celebrate my graduation and my brother’s acceptance into the Navy.

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We stayed at the Luxor and saw the shows for Blue Man Group and Jabbawockeez.  It was a blast!  During the whole weekend, my grandparents asked me all about Siena.  My brother has decided he wants to be stationed somewhere in Europe.  I really do miss Italy but I miss the traveling more than anything.  I’m applying for jobs as a sign language interpreter for travel agencies now.  Hopefully I get one, fingers crossed.

We ate at an Italian restaraunt one night.  I ordered something I had had in Siena and was disappointed.  I guess when you’ve had the real thing in the country it came from, everything else falls short.  It’s funny, but I think I’m feeling just a bit homesick for Siena.  I really could have stayed longer.  But, like I said, I’ll work for travel agencies and get to see it all again someday.  Vedrò ancora Siena.

Buona fortuna con le tue avventure!  Ciao!

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  1. Students who enroll in short programs always have a bit of longing at the end for just a little more time. I’m not surprised you miss Italy some. Michele

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