I have been here now for three almost four weeks. its been really hard adjusting to the classes here because the classes are much less structured. I asked my professor when our assignment was due and he told me that it will never be due because it is used to study. I wont have anything other than quizzes and tests. This is much different from classes back home where I would have an assignment each week. I was able to get down to the beach though. it is really beautiful water and sand here. with lots of surfers and swim baths. The beaches are very regulated too. My mates and I were told to get out of the rip tide by the lifeguard. They have flags posted all along the beach for safe swimming areas. Coffee shops are a big thing here too! These have come in handy when I was up late doing an assignment. Many of the terminology is different, things like “boot” instead of “trunk” and “bonnet” instead of “hood”. My mates give me a hard time for my accent too because I keep calling things what I normally call them back home. Overall I am having a great experience, lots of nice people and a good community in my dorm complex.

Jake H.

Spent a few days at the beach just a short ride down to it.

Spent a few days at the beach just a short ride down to it.

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  1. In so many places around the world, educational systems don’t have the structure of US classes. It’s interesting, though, that students are responsible for all of the material even if they don’t have assignments. Michele

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