Week 1

Well arriving in Mexico was smooth and all but getting around was the part that I was worried about. I know that bus drivers are crazy and full and I knew that it wasn’t going to be a easy drive. My senora took me to school the first day as if it was my first day of kindergarten. I was glad she did. I told her to tell me what bus to take home and that I would find my way home. She showed me where my bus would pick me up at and where to get off at. That’s all I needed. I made it home. Then we went to our arrival dinner. It was pretty good but I know what it’s like to be sick in Mexico and so I didn’t want to eat crazy so I limited myself. The next day my Senora asked me if I wanted her to take me to school again and I said No. I could do it. She said ok. I made it to school with time to spare. Just like I thought bus drivers are nuts and don’t use Blinkers or yield for pedestrians (which is something you have got to look out for). Roads are not the best either and well there are cars that all drive nuts. The good thing about the bus ride is that I drive up Ave. Saragosa which is completely down the Arcos. Which is something special about Queretaro. Arcos de Queretaro
These Arches or Arcos are about 400 years old and was created as an aqueduct to bring water to the City of Queretaro. Well like I had said I made it to school and back and after that I think my senora knew that she could relax about me. She was also thankful that I already knew spanish it made it easier for her. She had said that the student before me was a little difficult.
On Wedendsay Me and a few friends decided to go to a soccer game and we fell in love. We have made a packed to say that we are going to go to every game thats at home and that we are her for. So that was game one and they Los Gallos blancos de Queretaro tied Monterey 3-3! So we got to see 6 goals that night which was awesome!!!!!!Gallos Vs Monterey
First weekend we went to Bernal which a very small city about 40 minutes from Queretaro and it is home to “La peña de Bernal” which is the 3rd highest monolith in the world, and I had to opportunity to clime it, not all the way to the top and also night rock climbing but hiked to about 3/4 of the way up. I’m glad I had that opportunity. Bernal and Mario
Like I said I’m glad that I’m here safe and with no problems and I hope that It continues this way for the next 5 weeks!

Buenas Noches!


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  1. It sounds like you’re off to a great start, and that you’re living with a wonderful person. I understand about the driving. In the US, we have very clear driving laws, but that is not the case in every country, and pedestrians don’t always have the right of way. Michele

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