Return Home!

Arriving in the US was a great experience! Being able to understand everything that was said to me was a great feeling! I didn’t have to question whether or not I heard someone right! What has been interesting to me though is that since I’ve returned back I have answered some peoples questions in Spanish. Just simple questions that I answer yes to or say thank you but it sounds funny to me.

I’m thrilled to be back in the US with my family but do miss Mexico!

2 thoughts on “Return Home!

  1. Home is a beautiful place, but I can sense that your life has been enriched by your Mexico experience. Enjoy your return and savor your time abroad. Michele

  2. Yay! I’m glad that you got to hold you’re baby niece! Say hello to Oregon for me! Glad you made it home ok! We’ll be seeing each other on campus soon.


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