Arrival Home

I am now all settled in back home. I am sitting here happily next do my dog and cat as I write this. When I got to the airport I was so tired from my flight, but so very happy to see my boyfriend. I am almost shocked by how easy it was for me to re-adjust to being here. I didn’t even have a problem with jet lag or anything. I thought I would be absolutely exhausted since when I arrived in Portland it would have been 6 in the morning in Vienna which was the time I was acclimated to. Surprisingly I was really only a normal amount of exhausted and I went to bed at a normal time for this time zone and woke up even earlier than I normally would and still functioned just fine right away! When I arrived in Vienna I was scared and lonely and I think it was the exact opposite when I came home. It was relieving being here and everything seemed easy because I could talk to people in English, and be understood by them, if there were any problems. I was able to go straight to a motel when I got back and get rest for the night but then I had to get up the next morning and go to a leadership conference for the weekend so it was a little challenging moving straight on to something else without having a break at all or time to really let everything that had just happened sink in. Now I finally have a few days to relax and get back into the groove of my life here before I move into a new apartment and go back to work.

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  1. Returning to the familiar often brings a feeling of relief and comfort, especially after studying in a country that speaks another language. You accomplished so much while abroad–experienced many firsts, and you can be very proud of the journey. Michele

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