Week 4!

And it’s down to only one week left in Mexico! I’m a little sad but am ready to head home! It’s hard being abroad and hearing about everything my family and boyfriend go out an do. I’m having a wonderful experience here but just always feel like I’m missing out. If only I could be in two places at once! Today my older sister is giving birth to her first baby and I’m so sad that I’m not there to see my first niece. But I will meet her in one week!

As I’ve been here I’ve noticed many differences between my culture and the one here. For starters couples, no matter what age, are very affectionate in public. Not something you see very often in the US. I have become more use to it than the first week I was here but it still surprises me. One professor helped me understand why by telling me that children here typically live with their parents until they get married so they don’t have as much privacy when it comes to relationships. In the US many children move out at 18 or go away for college and have more private time which explains why they are more open about it. Makes much more sense now!

The time here is very different also. Being late isn’t a big deal here and everyone is okay with that. Personally I find it very frustrating because I’m use to American time where it’s important to be on time or let people know in advance that you are running late. This morning some friends and I went to grab breakfast at a restaurant and it was a little crowded so we waited but they didn’t seem to be trying to hurry for us to be seated even though there were open tables. Not the worst thing in the world but when when that happens almost every time you go out it gets a little old..but that is just part of the culture here!

All in all week four was a little stressful as were all the others but I’m down to my last week! Three days of classes and then finals! I decided not to go anywhere with the group this weekend since it is my last weekend here. I just wanted to rest and buy gifts for my family and friends and hangout in the Centro. I love Queretaro and hope I can come back to visit after this trip!

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One thought on “Week 4!

  1. You and several other students have written about the public displays of affection between young people. I’m glad someone provided you with the explanation about why this is, and as you say, it totally makes sense when people have little personal space for relationships.

    I’m glad you’re taking some time this weekend for yourself to wind down, buy gifts and enjoy the Centro. I think winding down is an important part of preparing to come home.


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