Week Three!

This week was very fun, but also very tiring! During the weekend (last weekend) the group and I went to Mexico City. Mexico City reminds me a lot of New York, everyone always moving, the city coming to life after dark, people dressed nicely… With saying this, Mexico City I would have to say was (so far) my least favorite place on this program. There was just too much packed into such a short time. My favorite place was the Frida Kahlo Museum, in my past Spanish Classes I was taught a lot about Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera, so to be able to actually see their house and their art work, was just amazing. The other place that we went to was Teotihuacan. This place was just amazing, the history that is held deep in the walls of the places and the work that went into creating these enormous structures was just amazing. Climbing the Pyramid was an amazing experience as well! I am just so overwhelmed with how nice the people are here and how willing they are to help you find where you are going or help fix the way that you said something, if it was wrong. Some friends and I got a little lost this last week looking for our school and we ran into this very nice man who was walking in that direction and was willing to show us where to go…later we realized that he miss understood us and took us to the opposite university, but it was still nice of him, and we also got a chance to communicate with another local! My uncle was here these past 5 days just visiting and that was so amazing! Im glad that he was able to be here, because his host was able to recommend places to eat and visit, giving me an advantage of knowing more areas! I also now have more friends in Queretaro, for future visits! Any ways its getting late here so this is all for now! 🙂Screen shot 2013-07-21 at 8.46.55 PM

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  1. The Frido Kahlo museum sounds amazing. What a wonderful excursion.
    I, too, have always found the Mexican people so kind and helpful. Having received so many kindnesses around the world myself, I always try to extend the same to visitors to the US. I think that reciprocity is one of the most important things all of us learn abroad. Michele

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