Life in the Times….

The second week has been pretty mellow. I have just been traveling from Rajgurunagar to Pune. Pune is the main city that is an 1 hr 30 min from Rajgurunagar. Its a mini Mumbai if I ┬áhad to describe the city. The sights, smells, and sounds of the city are distinct in their nature. With traffic going in every direction and no traffic laws its fair game. At the same time it has a rhythm that every motorbike, bus, and car follows to not hit each other. It’s pretty impressive. Then for crossing the street it is a game of cat and mouse with the vehicles and the pedestrians. It can be an exhilarating experience.

In Pune, its new India meets rural India. There are McDonalds and movie theaters while there are cows sleeping in the middle of the street. The cow is their deity so a cow has free range to go any where around the city. Then you can see goats and pigs eating out of the garbage. I expected the cows in the streets but not the pigs and goats.

Then for the food, there is many varieties of sweets. Right now I have found my favorite. It is called jalebi. It is dough that is fried and then dipped into sugar water. Its pretty much heaven. Other than that, there are typical Indian dishes like dosas.

After I leave the city I like to take the train. The experience is a stress reliever. Sticking half of my body outside of the train and feeling the wind across my face is relaxing. Also, looking at the landscape where slums are next to skyscrapers makes me ponder how India is contrasted and how there needs to be change.

That is just a typical day in the life for me.

Train Ride train Ride Train Ride New Friends DSC00826 Fort in Pune Fort in Pune

One thought on “Life in the Times….

  1. Thank you for your vivid description of Pune. I could experience the sights and sounds myself through your words.

    In the US we are so used to fairly orderly traffic patterns that the initial impression of disorder in another country takes us aback. I’m glad to see that you’ve discovered that somehow there is order in the disorder.


    PS It sounds like you’re feeling better.

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