Week 2!

So I’m already finishing my second week! The time is just flying by! I’ve been settled into my new family for almost one week and I love them! They are so sweet and have really made me feel comfortable and do so much to help me. It’s much easier to be away from home with a host family here that I feel like I belong too. Something about them reminds me of my grandparents back at home which is funny but has helped me settle in quick.

This week has been packed with classes and fun activities between them and after them! Today we are headed to D.F for the weekend! I’m very excited but we just go go go so I’m tired! I hope next weekend I’m able to sleep in a little longer because today the bus leaves at 8! I think it’ll be a great experience to see D.F and go to all the museums and see a different city for the weekend and will post pictures on my next post!

The more time I spend here the more I’m starting to understand about the culture and see a different point of view! There are so many things I’ve seen that make total sense now and is helping me appreciate the culture here. 🙂

Time to finish packing! So excited!

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  1. Time always seems to go so fast when abroad. I’m delighted the new host family is working out for you. That will enhance your experience so much. You are right that the more time one can spend in a culture, the more one begins to understand the culture. Michele

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