Another day, another week!




I’ll begin this post with my day trip to Brighton! This was my first day trip that wasn’t through the social program, it was planned by some of the girls I live with and we went on our own! Brighton is on the South coast of England so we got to spend some time at the


beach! However, this beach was different than most, it had no sand, it was a rock beach. We walked down the pier where there were rides, games, and lots of food. We did not decide to eat there though we asked some locals where a good place was to try some fish and chips and went there! They were delicious I will add too! We spent most of day shopping and exploring the town and it was interesting to learn that everything in this town closes pretty early. We had tell 8:40pm tell our coach bus would take us back to London and a lot of places close in Brighton between 5pm and 7pm.  That was okay though because we went


and sat in the grass around the Royal Pavilion which was gorgeous as the sun began to set. This trip also made me realize that such a big part in getting to know different cultures, even if it’s only travelling within the country, is trying different kinds of food! I discovered during dinner that not everybody knows what ranch is because I asked for some and the waiter had no idea what I was talking about, he suggested sour cream but I told him no thank you.

On Sunday we had the session 2 meet and greet so that all the new students that just arrived could begin getting to know the students that have already been here for session 1. It’s been cool to meet some of the new people but I’m still missing some of those who left. The start of a new session also means the start of a new class though and I am really enjoying my class this session. I am taking photographing the city: London, it is a way more relaxed class compared to the class I took last session but I am really liking learning more about how to take better photos. We went on two walks this week during class where the teacher has a route mapped out for us and as a class we go on a walk with some stops so we have the opportunity to take lots of photos. Our first day we had a project assigned to take photos of a peer in the class, one portrait shot and one shot directed by them. Our second day we began our pilot project which is where we can takea series of photos of whatever we want in London. I chose to focus on women’s

accessories mainly on their hands, like their bracelets and rings. It’s been intimidating going up to strangers explaining how I am a photography student and asking if I take a picture of their accessories but I’m getting better at it! The picture to the left was the first photo I took and still stands as my favorite one. We have our review on Monday so I can hear some constructive criticism on the photos I have taken thus far. I  look forward to improving my photos during the course of this class.

Some new things I have learned culturally within this city is how reserved the people in London. Everybody I went up and asked to take their photo were all caught off guard that a stranger was coming up and talking to them. Once a conversation has begun they have always been really nice but they will usually never be the one to initiate the conversation. Also, they spell words here differently then we do like favorite is spelled favourite over here. I found that interesting as well!

On Tuesday I went on a East end art walking tour through the social program and this was  great because I was able to see more of London outside of the central part. I got to see

amazing pieces of artwork throughout the east end and I think it is great that it doesn’t get ruined by anybody. I took a lot of photos of all the artwork I got to see but this photo on the left was one of my favorite pieces throughout the tour. This piece was done just on the side of a building.

Anyways, this week was a good week! Although my time here is dwindling down I still got good things coming! I officially booked my trip this week for Paris! I’m going with two other girls in the program from July 18th-21st. I’m proud of myself for fully taking advantage of my time here and all amazing opportunities this trip has brought me.




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  1. I can see that you are having a wonderful academic and personal experience in London. Learning how to get around and to go on excursions you plan is very empowering. I’m delighted you’ll be a le to visit Paris, and I look forward to your posts about that city.

    Do you recall where in the East End you went on the art walk? I’m in London right now and would love to take that walk. Michele

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